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Forbes - Markets
  1. Nvidia Tops The List Of The World's Smartest Companies In 2017
    Nvidia is the world’s smartest company in 2017. That’s according to the recently published MIT Technology Review’s annual listing of the 50 smartest companies, which surveys both small and large companies based on their ability to innovate and execute.
  2. Base CRM: The Enterprise Startup On A Mission To Overthrow Salesforce
    I spoke with Base Founder and CEO Uzi Shmilovici about the vision behind his company, challenging Salesforce, and developing the future of CRM software.
  3. East Capital Fuses 'Best Stock-Picking' With ESG In New Sustainable Emerging Markets Fund
    Independent asset manager East Capital, which manages €2.7 billion (c.$3bn) for clients, launches its new Sustainable Emerging Markets Fund this week that claims to offer the best long-term and sustainable stock-picking ideas around the globe and incorporates Environmental Social Governance (ESG).
  4. Can Thrilling New Electric Cars Drive A Market Breakthrough?
    Electric cars are about to be transformed into must-have, desirable and practical vehicles from their current status as fringe, expensive, fashion items only likely to attract mass market interest after government bribes and regulation.
  5. Bitquence In Crypto Crowdfund For 'Consumer-Friendly' Wallet & 'One-Click' Diversification
    Bitquence, a project targeting mainstream consumers with a 'user-friendly' crypto wallet, has launched a crowdfund and seeks to create a bridge between the past and future of finance. The ultimate vision is to make their crypto token, BQX, the "payments standard" for services globally in future.